Heckscher Scholars

Heckscher Scholars is a multi-dimensional college access program for students from under-resourced public high schools housed at the Heckscher Foundation for Children headquarters in New York City. It provides individualized academic guidance, college and financial aid counseling, and a multitude of opportunities and support to students from disadvantaged communities. Heckscher Scholars guides its students towards the greatest path out of poverty, a college education, opening doors to competitive four-year private colleges and a higher education that will have a catalytic impact on their future.  

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An Open-Ended Commitment

The overarching philosophy of Heckscher Scholars is to give its students whatever it takes for them to achieve success. Heckscher Scholars begins with a two-year college preparatory program. Scholars receive rigorous academic instruction, SAT tutoring, personalized college guidance, financial aid application support, career-readiness support and life-skills training. Students participate in an intensive five-week academic enrichment program that begins in the summer before their junior year, and continues through senior year with weekly meetings and an academic bootcamp over the summer before senior year. Once our students enter college, Heckscher Scholars continues to provide financial and educational support as individual needs arise.

A Focus on the Individual

Heckscher Scholars provides a deeply personalized experience for each student through its academic and college access support. Heckscher Scholars’ staff develop strong and long-lasting relationships with the students, which helps them achieve academic success. Heckscher Scholars does not provide scholarships but does provide financial and emotional support to students and their families as individual needs arise.

Heckscher Scholars helps all of its scholars find internships or college classes the summer before their senior year, and most experience overseas travel through our partnership with Global Glimpse.

We foster a community of future leaders, giving the scholars the resources and tools that they need to overcome obstacles and find a pathway to success.


Big Opportunities

Briana Espinoza, a Global Glimpse ambassador and Heckscher Scholar graduate, appeared in a compaign for Global Glimpse on a billboard in Times Square.