Meet Our Staff

Shelby Abell, Director of Grantmaking Programs
Ashley Dunn, Grants Manager
Christina Figueroa, Facilities Manager and Bookkeeper
Geoffrey Howarth, Director Heckscher Scholars
Nessia Kushner, Director of Strategy
Giselle Robledo, Associate Director - Heckscher Scholars
Najib Seraj, Administration and Communications Manager
Howard G. (Peter) Sloane, Chief Executive Officer
Ourania Vokolos-Zias, Chief Operating Officer


Howard G. (Peter) Sloane,
Hilary Azrael
Mark E. Beck
Brian Feinstein
Leigh Kline
Nessia Kushner
Daniel Laub
Philippe Laub
Gail Meyers
Kathryn Meyers
Bari Paige
Matt Perelman
Alexander Sloane
Jake Sloane
Arthur Smadbeck
Jeffrey Smadbeck
Louis Smadbeck
Louis Smadbeck Jr.
Mark Smadbeck
Paul Smadbeck
Alexander Taubman
David Tillson
Frank Zhang

Heckscher Leadership Fellows and Advisors

Ruth Genn,
Advisor 2021 – present; Heckscher Leadership Fellow 2020-2021
Vita C. Rabinowitz,
Advisor 2021 – present; Heckscher Leadership Fellow 2020-2021
John Mogulescu,
Heckscher Leadership Fellow 2022 – 2023