How do we help nonprofits develop their own internal capacity to grow?

We have identified outstanding consultants who help nonprofits grow and have supported their work on behalf of our grantees. These include revenue generation, employee hiring, board and internal management, and capacity building.

Our strategic partnership with Arbor Brothers has connected 26 nonprofits in New York City with hands-on consulting services. Arbor Brothers identifies, funds, and assists promising education and workforce development nonprofits in the New York metro area, and assists in the creation of management tools and strategic plans. Arbor Brothers selects a cohort of the most promising second-stage nonprofits each year that address root causes of poverty. Each grantee in their portfolio receives 250 hours of engagement on their model and program strategies. Over the last five years, Arbor Brothers grantees have had an 80% success rate in securing support from deep-vetting “signature funders” including Robin Hood, New Profit, the Emerson Collective, and Edna McConnell Clark. Additionally, after three years with Arbor Brothers, the median grantee more than triples the number of young people it serves as well as doubles its revenue.

RevJen works with nonprofit leadership teams in a collaborative peer-learning environment focused on building organizational approaches to revenue-generation. We formed a strategic partnership with RevJen to sponsor non-profits’ participation in RevJen’s “Build a Revenue Generation That Works.” This program equips participants with an understanding of the fundamental drivers of revenue-generation and with concrete actions they can take to improve the economic sustainability of their organizations. The model requires that three to four senior leadership members from each organization participate in three full-day training sessions, held two to three weeks apart. Each organization leaves with an action plan to build a more sustainable revenue-generation foundation specific to their organization. In 2019, based on participant feedback, we supported part of a larger trial of 50 nonprofits participating in RevJen programming in New York City.

In the past, we also supported Cause Strategy Partners, ghSMART, and SeaChange Capital Partners in the area of capacity building and technical assistance.

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