Can a digital innovation encourage family engagement in learning?

Substantial research demonstrates that parental engagement can be a key driver for student success. In 2019, we funded PowerMyLearning (PML) Family Playlists: mobile-friendly kindergarten to 8th grade math homework assignments that enable teachers to partner more effectively with families. (One study showed that Family Playlists enabled four months of additional learning.) Our funding specifically supports work with a select number of schools that will serve as sites for research and innovation around the program. With our funding, PML will, among other things, find ways to optimize the teacher adoption process and the “triangle of learning relationships” between students, teachers, and families. The goal of this project is to contribute to PML’s continuous improvement and evidence-building efforts, and to optimize the triangle approach so that it leads to the greatest level of student achievement. Family Playlists is a scalable and affordable solution to improving student outcomes and parental engagement, and it has the potential for exponential growth in New York City across all subjects and grades.

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