How can we support effective literacy instruction to tackle summer learning loss?

During a typical summer, far too many students experience a three-month regression in reading level. Springboard Collaborative, which harnesses the potential of parent-teacher collaboration to close the literacy gap, was again a grantee in 2019 because of its impressive results. Its flagship five-week summer program not only avoids the regression but replaces it with an average 3.1-month gain. The summer program launched in Philadelphia; we underwrote its expansion to New York City. Now that it has a foothold in New York City charter and public schools, Springboard is rolling out its first after-school program for the 2019-2020 school year. The after-school program is for the bottom quartile of readers for whom summer gains alone will not fully close the reading achievement gap. It combines teacher coaching to  differentiate instruction and engage families, small-group instruction, family workshops, and incentives to bolster engagement. Students average a 3.5-month reading gain during the four-month intervention; parent workshops average 98% attendance. 

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