College Advising Corps

We have supported two strategic partnerships involving College Advising Corps (CAC) and the College Board. The first centered around the development of a learning lab in which they collaboratively tested and implemented, on a national level, strategies geared toward guiding high-potential, on-track, low- and moderate-income students to receive the information and support they need to apply to, enroll in, and graduate from appropriately-matched colleges. Through this partnership, CAC and the College Board identified the critical milestones from high school to college as moments to accelerate student trajectories and drew on personalized data to mobilize students to matriculate and succeed at match institutions. The learning lab also tested hypotheses related to virtual advising and direct-to-student models. The second strategic partnership we funded was a collaboration between CAC’s eAdvisors program, which partners with the College Board to provide college planning support to students remotely, and Story2, an online platform for college admissions essay development.

Our partnership with Heckscher has allowed us to focus on executing with excellence while continuing to innovate. We believe great advising is a critical part of unlocking talent and we're grateful for the opportunity to increase our impact for students with the foundation's leadership and support..
Nicole Farmer Hurd, PhD
Founder, College Advising Corps