NYC SALT offers an intensive four-year studio program that exposes students to the photography industry while building college-readiness skills. The program includes weekly classes in digital photography offered at advanced levels and taught by industry professionals; intensive college preparation instruction and long-term college success and career mentoring; and career exposure, readiness, and connection to internships and employment.

Since NYC SALT’s first graduating class in 2011:

  • 100% of studio program high school seniors have graduated college-ready and enrolled in college
  • 100% of the first cohort of college seniors graduated in four years
  • 89% of current college students are on track to graduate on time
  • Thanks to Heckscher's investment, the majority of our students are going to four-year private colleges and universities, including many private art schools, and have mentors who are using their social capital to connect students to jobs. The impact of our partnership has led our students to be published in The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Bloomberg News, ESPN and Vanity Fair.
    Alicia Hansen
    Founder & CEO, NYC SALT