We provided the initial catalytic funding to allow OneGoal to expand to New York City. OneGoal New York is now reaching, in only six years, the same level of scale and impact that it took the founding region (Chicago) nine years to achieve. A new study of more than 7,000 public high school students showed they had a 40% greater chance of earning a bachelor’s degree after enrolling in OneGoal.

OneGoal identifies, trains, and supports high-performing champion teachers to implement a three-year college readiness and success curriculum into classroom-based learning. OneGoal specifically focuses on addressing college under-matching challenges by targeting mid-range achievers, by providing comprehensive services geared toward improved GPAs and standardized test scores, and by helping students identify more selective and supportive best-fit colleges. Staff work intensively with underperforming students from 11th grade through the first year of college not only to support them to and through college, but to increase their college selectivity tier by at least one level.

The Heckscher Foundation for Children has partnered with OneGoal New York since our launch in 2015. We are grateful for their formative investment in our work, which has helped open doors to new supporters and furthered our impact across the region. We are excited to continue partnering with the Foundation to address the urgent and evolving needs of our fellows.
Rochelle Sinclair
OneGoal New York Executive Director

During the 2021-2022 academic year 88% of OneGoal New York high school graduates enrolled in a postsecondary institution and 77% of those persisted one year after high school graduation. Over the past year OneGoal piloted differentiated advising to supplement Program Director support for alumni through a partnership with Beyond 12, a tech-enabled solution that brings academic, financial, and social-emotional advising directly to low-income and first-generation students pursuing higher education.

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