Posse Foundation

We helped conceive of and provided support to Posse Foundation to create Posse Consulting, which creates an earned revenue stream for the organization’s core work. Posse Consulting has worked with more than 40 clients, ranging from colleges to law firms to large corporations training employees through workshops and day-long events, on how to promote integrated diversity, foster cross-cultural communication, create inclusive spaces and develop leaders.

Heckscher’s generous funding of Posse Consulting has allowed us to not only deepen our work in higher education, but to also reach beyond. Thanks to Heckscher, Posse now offers a wide range of companies and organizations effective strategies for improving diversity and inclusion.
Deborah Bial
Founder & President, Posse Foundation

This initiative has enabled Posse to expand its impact in higher education as well as increase its influence over how college access programs and corporate diversity initiatives approach and address challenges related to promoting equity in their institutions.

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