STEM From Dance

STEM From Dance (SFD) SFD is a classic “hook” type program in which students build confidence through dance to build the skills needed for a future in STEM. SFD delivers a learning experience in which dance is used to introduce computer science and STEM awareness: for example, participants choreograph a dance that is enhanced with a technological component that they learn to code. That can include a synchronized animation that serves as a digital backdrop, a musical composition created through coding, or a costume with programmed LED lights to accompany their choreography.

Girls Rise Up is a three-week program which builds foundational skills about STEM and dance. STEM skills are assessed at the end of the program and outcomes focus on whether the participants continue in STEM-related courses and programs.

To magnify the impact of SFD’s signature model, it has created a school-to-career STEM pipeline for traditionally underrepresented Black and Brown girls, building a pipeline of interconnected and sequential programs that engages girls at key developmental touchpoints from elementary school through college.

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