The Marcy Lab School

Marcy Lab is a new workforce development program (launched in 2019) that has created an alternative pathway to college for low-income youth by providing training and supports for high-growth tech careers in the area of software engineering. Marcy Lab’s Software Engineering Fellowship recruits candidates who are 18-24 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent and no prior technical experience is required. In the first cohort, 90% of admitted Fellows had previously attended but failed to graduate from a two- or four-year college (of these students, 80% attended CUNY institutions). Though an early-stage organization, Marcy Lab is yielding impressive results: 90% of the 2020-2021 cohort (39 fellows) accepted full-time roles, with an average starting wage of $106,875 and 100% retention rate 90 days into employment (96% at 180 days). Once employed, Fellows continue to receive career coaching and mentorship for the first two years of their career, which is a key component and differentiator of the program.

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