Heckscher Catalyzed Free Public Advertising for FAFSA Completion Tools


Heckscher catalyzed the use of New York City’s WiFi portals (formerly phone booths) for free advertising for its grantee, The Education Trust (EdTrust).

We discovered that Intersection – the company that manages the advertising on these portals — is mandated to use a portion of the advertising space for public purposes. Typically, the “public purpose” is solely dedicated to organizations with a “.gov” address. But that shouldn’t be the case. So Heckscher advocated for its use for EdTrust — to help it promote guidance on how to complete the Free Application for Student Aid (“FAFSA”) in key areas in the Bronx and Queens.  This guidance is in particular need for long-income students whom are least likely to complete the form — a form that is of particular significance for receiving financial aid for college. Many potential college students who do not complete the FAFSA fail to reach college at all.

See below for pictures of the advertisements.

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